We are now accepting applications for Years 7,8 & 9 for the academic year 2023-24.

Application Procedure

For the student application form, please use the link below. The following documents will need to be submitted with the application. (an application cannot be processed until all the following documents are provided):

  1. A completed Application form
  2. The school records from the previous school
  3. A copy of the child’s passport or birth certificate
  4. Proof of address
  5. A passport size photo
  6. An interview with the parents and child
  7. A completed direct debit form for the payment of school fees
  8. Admission fee

If you have any queries regarding the application process, or would like further information regarding the school, please call on 01908 804163 or Email on admin@baytulilm.org.uk

For the full Admissions policy:

For the student application form: